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  • Justin Haish Gambino (born May 18, 1986) is the lead singer, guitarist, main songwriter and founder of the alternative/hard rock band Shattered Silence. He started Shattered Silence in 2010 with former drummer, Gordon Smith.

    Gambino was born in Brazoria County, Texas, in the city of Lake Jackson. Residing there for ten years before moving to Angleton, TX. Gambino was homeschooled his whole life and was raised in a Baptist Church in a small town called Bailey’s Prairie. After his family relocated to another church in 2002, they made their home at a non-denominational church within the Foursquare family. Gambino, already playing the guitar and singing for about a year at this time, started to play and sing in the church Youth Group while leading worship. Gambino then started to attend Brazosport College, Richwood in 2004, but later dropped out to start his eight year enlistment term with the U.S. Navy, where he served one tour in Iraq as a United States Seabee with NMCB (Naval Mobile Construction Battalion) Twenty-Eight in 2007. When faced with the decision to re-enlist or to leave the Navy, Gambino was very passionate about his music and believed that he would go somewhere with it. Tate Music Group out of Oklahoma helped him make his decision when they called him with a record deal to sign several months after submitting the original, “Your Love Runs Deep” from the album “Shadows” (released Feb 4th, 2014). Gambino then left the Navy to pursue his career in music, January of 2013. 

    Some of Gambino's favorite pastimes is spending time with his wife, Ashley, going out to the movies, visiting coffee shops, fishing and kayaking, while not on tour with music. Gambino is a committed follower of Jesus Christ; however, his goal with Shattered Silence has always been to make music for everyone. Gambino believes that music can speak where words cannot and he desires to write music, not for a certain audience, but music that anyone can relate to in their own life.
    "We are a band of Christians rather than a Christian band." Gambino says.

    Gambino cites Jon Foreman, Switchfoot, John Mayer, Jeremy Camp, David Gentiles, Skillet, Dave Matthews Band and Red, just to name a few, as some of his musical influences. 

    Besides being one of the main songwriters for Shattered Silence, Gambino has also made music away from the band, releasing two singles "Your Hands & Feet", "Carson" & a Christmas EP titled "An Acoustic Christmas" and hoping to release his solo EP project “Where I Belong” in the near future.
    Gambino's songwriting tends to be very deep, soulful and something that tugs on the heart. 



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Your Hands & Feet

by Justin Gambino